Blouberg Ridge Primary School

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct: Preamble

  1. The Mission Statement of Blouberg Ridge Primary School states, “Blouberg Ridge Primary School provides a nurturing, challenging and holistic learning environment, based on Christian values, in which everyone’s potential is guided towards excellence.” The School has adopted a values-based approach to education and to all interactions that stem from the School’s core purpose.
  2. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to teach and guide pupils to adopt those values and make them part of their lives.
  3. The demonstration of values is expected of the entire Blouberg Ridge community. Parents and teachers are therefore expected to be good role models in the display of the Values in their actions, attitudes and interactions.
  4. Expectations and explanations of requirements are listed in Addendum A to the Code of Conduct.
  5. Categorisation of various types of misconduct and the Value that has been ignored are listed in Addendum B to the Code of Conduct.


Blouberg Ridge Primary School

Code of Conduct

Blouberg Ridge Primary School must be a safe and happy environment where we will:


  1.  I will show RESPECT to myself, one another and our School by:
    1. Always talking to my teachers and friends with respect and not using bad language or back-chatting or being defiant.
    2. Looking after all my school books (including text books and library books) and ensuring that they are covered within two weeks of receiving them.
    3. Not eating in the Library or Computer Centre.
    4. Treating all school property with care.
    5. Respecting teachers’ and other pupils’ property.
    6. Never intentionally leaving litter anywhere.
    7. Wearing my uniform with pride and being neatly and correctly dressed for any excursion.
    8. Only using the official school bags and keeping them free of graffiti and stickers.
    9. Staying away from the Administration building unless a teacher sends me on an errand.
    10. Keeping off the neighbours’ properties.
    11. Remembering that ink belongs only on paper.
    12. Making sure that I am not being disruptive in class.
    13. Following all instructions given to me by my teachers and coaches.


The following action may be taken if I treat people, their possessions or my environment with disrespect:

It is important for me to show respect for my School, all adults and other pupils. It shows that I treat myself and others with dignity. If I am guilty of being disrespectful, I deserve to be reprimanded.

  1.   I will always be HONEST with my friends and teachers by:
    1. Not copying work from others or committing fraud or forgery.
    2. Writing my tests and exams without attempting to cheat in any way.
    3. Handing in to reception any items I find that do not belong to me.
    4. Informing a teacher or coach if I accidentally break something.
    5. Always being willing to admit that I have done something that was wrong.
    6. Never taking what does not belong to me.


The following action may be taken if I am dishonest about anything that I have said or done:

 Honesty is our policy, so being dishonest is a serious offence which will carry more serious consequences.


  1. I will always be RESPONSIBLE and HELPFUL by:
    1. Seeking to return all reply slips on time.
    2. Being self-controlled when moving from class to class.
    3. Playing all ball games away from the School windows or gardens.
    4. Having all my clothing, books, or any other item brought to school from home labelled.
    5. Only being in a classroom during break if I have permission from a teacher or if it is raining and my teacher is in the classroom.
    6. Keeping my cellphone in my cellphone locker from the first bell to the end of the day and only using it as agreed to in the cellphone policy.
    7. Only using audio-visual or computer equipment with a teacher’s permission.


The following action may be taken if I am behaving irresponsibly:

Being a helpful and responsible pupil benefits others. I will need help if I am struggling to maintain my sense of responsibility.


  1. I will ensure that I am SAFE at School by:
    1. Ensuring that I don’t “play fight” or take part in contact sport (eg: wrestling or rugby) with my friends if such sport is not being controlled by a teacher.
    2. Making sure that I don’t try any silly tricks in the adventure park. If I am in Grade 4-7 then I will stay away from the Adventure Park.
    3. Not eating my lunch while I am playing, sitting, or standing on apparatus in the Adventure Park.
    4. Walking and not running on the walkways.
    5. Keeping away from areas where pupils should not be found.
    6. Standing my suitcase properly against the classroom wall to prevent other pupils from tripping over it.
    7. Keeping all parts of my body inside any vehicle when on an outing or being transported to or from School.
    8. Wearing my seatbelt when in a vehicle.
    9. Keeping my laces tied so that I don’t trip and fall.
    10. Staying on school property from the time I get to school until the end of my school day.
    11. Staying inside the school grounds while waiting for my lift.
    12. Keeping ball games for the field and not playing in the driveway or near traffic.
    13. Crossing the road only when it is safe to do so.
    14. Pushing my bike when I am on school property.
    15. Looking after the needs of my friends and not endangering anyone or hurting them on purpose.
    16. Only selling items at school when given permission by a teacher
    17. Staying out of the parking lot, off the steps to the far gate, away from electrical appliances and soccer and hockey posts, unless I am with a teacher.
    18. Never going onto any forbidden sites on the School computers.
    19. Never playing on the stands.
    20. Only playing cricket with a tennis or other soft ball during any times other than cricket practices or matches.
    21. Never eating or spending unnecessary time in the toilets.
    22. Realising that, for my own health and that of my friends, I must stay away from the sickroom and should not visit my friends who are ill.
    23. Only bringing the minimum amount of money to school.
    24. Never bringing my skate board, scooter or rollerblades/skates onto the school grounds.
    25. Understanding that I may not under any circumstances bring the following items onto the school premises: drugs, cigarettes, contraceptives, pornographic material, weapons (including penknives), explosives (including fireworks), matches, lighters of any sort, alcohol or any other illegal or contraband items in terms of the SA Schools Act.


The following action may be taken if I do anything that could affect my safety or the safety of others:

It is very important to be safe at school. My parents want me to be safe and I don’t want to be in an unsafe environment. If I am the reason that someone is harmed or if I put myself in danger, I will need to be redirected on how to behave in a way that is safe for everyone.


  1. I will remain COMMITTED to BRPS and my education by:
    1. Doing my best to complete all my homework on time and making sure that my parents sign my message book or homework diary.
    2. Making sure that any work missed due to my absence is completed with 3 days of my return to School.
    3. Making sure that I am not late for School as this disrupts the teachers and my friends.
    4. Making sure that wherever I am, I behave myself in a manner which does not reflect badly on our School.


The following action may be taken if I display a non-committal attitude towards an aspect of the School:

It is important for me to be committed to my School and schoolwork in all respects. Being non-committal towards my School has a negative effect on my education and on me personally. My teachers need to guide me should I need help in this area.


  1. I will show TOLERANCE towards my fellow pupils, teachers and school by:
    1. Remembering that we are all equal at School and that I have no right to tease, bully, harm, endanger or harass a fellow pupil for any reason including their religion, culture, race or sex.
    2. Never being involved in cyberbullying because I realise that it is just as hurtful as face-to-face bullying.
    3. Refusing to spread gossip and so causing hurt to fellow pupils.


The following action may be taken if I cause hurt to someone because I am intolerant:

Tolerance for other people is an important life skill to learn. If I am intolerant of others at School, my teachers have a responsibility to help me to correct my actions. Being intolerant and causing hurt is regarded as serious misconduct at BPRS and so any action taken to guide me will most likely be very firm.


  1. I will, as a boy, maintain my MODESTY by:
    1. Remembering that only girls may be in or around the girls’ toilets.
    2. Wearing my school trousers in my waist and not on my hips.
    3. Never allowing my underwear to show.
    4. Never using my cellphone to take inappropriate photos or videos.
    5. Keeping any displays of affection for other pupils for when I am at home.
    6. Never using crude or rude speech.
    7. Never being in possession of pornographic material.


I will, as a girl, maintain my  MODESTY by:

  1. Remembering that only boys may be in or around the boys’ toilets.
  2. Wearing flesh-coloured or white bra or vest under my white shirt.
  3. Wearing my skirt at the correct length.
  4. Wearing my school pants in my waist and not on my hips
  5. Wearing a T-shirt over my bikini while on camp or on outings.
  6. Never wearing revealing clothing at school, even on Civvies Days.
  7. Never using my cellphone to take inappropriate photos or videos.
  8. Keeping any displays of affection for other pupils for when I am at home.
  9. Never using crude or rude speech.
  10. Never being in possession of pornographic material.


The following action may  be taken if I am found to be immodest in my dress or behaviour:

As a pupil of BPRS, it is important to maintain my modesty and have respect for my body and my sexuality. Should I be found to be immodest in my dress or behaviour, my teachers will steer me in the right direction with the following corrective action:


  1. I will show SPORTMANSHIP to my teammates, friends and visiting schools by:
    1. Remaining committed to my chosen sport for the whole season and being punctual for matches and practices.
    2. Wearing the correct clothing for practices and the prescribed uniform for matches.
    3. Explaining all absences in the form of a letter or phone call from my parents before first break.
    4. Assisting my coach with packing away equipment after the match and only entering the equipment room with my teacher or coach.
    5. Abiding by the decisions taken by referees or umpires.
    6. Refraining from physically or verbally abusing another player.
    7. Thanking umpires and players after the game, irrespective of who won or lost.
    8. Always being a good ambassador for our School.
    9. Thanking parents who gave me a lift.


The following action may be taken if I display unsportsmanlike attitudes or behaviour:

Good sportsmanship is vital in all areas of life. It teaches me to win and lose gracefully and to deal with decisions I don’t like in a mature manner. I also learn to play in a team with people from different backgrounds and it teaches us to understand each other. Everybody likes to play with a good team player and therefore the teachers should help me should I struggle to show sportsmanship.





    1. All pupils’ books should be covered within two weeks of  receiving them.
    2. Grades 1 to 3 should cover their exercise books with plastic.
    3. Grades 4 to 7 should cover their text books with plastic while exercise books should have suitable, durable covers.
    4. All pupils’ books (Grades 4-7) should have a label on the cover indicating name, grade and subject.
    5. No parties may be held in classrooms.
    6. Every pupil should devote time after school every day to doing homework or revision. The following times are recommended:
      • Gr 1                  20 min
      • Gr 2                  30 min
      • Gr 3                  30 min
      • Gr 4                  35 – 40 min
      • Gr 5                  45 min
      • Gr 6                  60 min
      • Gr 7                  1½ hrs
    7. Visits to the toilet by pupils in Grades 3-7 may only take place sixty or more minutes after break or at the teacher’s discretion.
    8. All pupils from Grade 3-7 should have and use a homework diary which is checked by parents.
    9. Pupils that are ill may not be sent to school.
    10. The sick room may only be used by pupils who are sent there by teachers or the secretaries. No visitors are allowed in the sick room.

1.11      The computer room may only be used by pupils whilst under adult supervision.

1.12      No eating or drinking in the following venues or areas is permitted:

1.13      The following areas are classed as “out-of-bounds” to pupils:




2.1        Playing areas


2.1.1     Pupils may not run or play between classrooms.

2.1.2     Pupils must be on the field during breaks, or they may sit or stand quietly outside classrooms on the walkways.

2.1.3     All ball games are to be played away from school buildings while cricket games are only permitted along the Watsonia Road fence.

2.1.4     No hard balls may be used in games.

2.1.5     During breaks, the following areas or structures are out of bounds: cricket pitch; in front of the hockey goals and soccer posts; all walls; classrooms; on the steps leading up to the Watsonia Road gate; the car park; the bicycle racks

2.1.6       No loitering or eating may take place in or around the toilets.

2.1.7       Pupils may not play games on the spectator stands.


2.2        Adventure Playground


2.2.1     This may be used only by Gr 1 – 3 pupils at first break under the supervision of the teacher on duty.


2.2.2     No rough play is allowed in the Adventure Playground and all play must be on the apparatus.

2.2.3     Pupils may not eat on the apparatus.


2.3        Rainy days

2.3.1     On rainy days, pupils remain in their own classes during breaks and must be supervised by their teachers.


2.4        Games, Toys and Equipment


2.4.1     Pupils may never fight or “play-fight”.

2.4.2     Before and after school and during breaks, pupils may not play “contact” sports. Safe, harmless games which do not require strenuous running around are permitted.

2.4.4     “Toys” may be brought to school only if requested by a teacher for a particular lesson; consequently, the School will not be held responsible for any toy which is damaged or lost outside of that lesson.

2.4.5     Pupils must stay out of the school’s gardens and ensure that trees are not damaged.

2.4.6     Skate boards and rollerblades are not permitted on the premises.


  1. SPORT


3.1        Participation


3.1.2     Where possible, all absences from practices or matches should be explained in a letter from the parent or guardian. Where a pupil has not been excused, they forfeit their position in the next match.

3.1.4     Teams may only be dismissed once all equipment has been returned to the store room.

3.1.5     No pupil may enter the equipment store room unless accompanied by a teacher.


3.2        Sportsmanship


3.2.1     Decisions taken by referees or umpires may never be questioned during the match.

3.2.2     No other player or pupil may be physically or verbally abused.

3.2.3     Always thank opponents for the game, whether it was won or lost.

3.2.4     Always thank the umpire or referee.


3.3        Punctuality


3.3.1     Be punctual for all practices and matches.

3.3.2     A player who cannot attend a practice or match, must inform the coach personally during the day.

3.4        Uniform


3.4.1     Uniform requirements as set out in the Uniform Requirements List should be adhered to.




4.1        Appearance and dress

4.1.1     Pupils should dress as per instructions for a specific excursion.

4.1.2     Girls are required to wear skirts (or skorts, Grades 1-3) on all School outings where School uniform must be worn.

4.1.3     Make-up, jewellery and bare midriffs are not permitted when “civvies” are worn.

4.1.4     Normal hair styles and general neatness apply to all excursions.

4.1.5     If a two piece bathing costume is worn that the teachers consider to be too revealing, the girl will be instructed to wear a colour T-shirt.


4.2        Transport


4.2.1     No eating or drinking is permitted in vehicles on short trips.

4.2.2     Pupils are to remain seated during the trip.

4.2.3     No part of the body may protrude from windows.

4.2.4     Seatbelts must be worn if available.

4.2.5     Nothing may be thrown out of the window.

4.2.6     At the end of every journey, the vehicle must be cleaned of all litter.

4.2.7     No shouting in vehicles or gesticulating at people outside the vehicle is permitted.




5.1        Monies


5.1.1     All money that is handed in should be in a sealed, marked envelope.

5.1.2     All purses and wallets must be clearly marked with the owner’s name and grade.

5.1.3     All school fees and payments should be handed in to the Finance Office by 08:30.

5.1.4     Any money or valuables found on school property must be handed to the Receptionist.

5.1.5     No pupils or their parents may sell any items at School for their own or somebody else’s profit. Pupils may sell items for profit at the specified Entrepreneurs’ Days.


5.1.6     If, for some reason, private money or money for something at School was not able to be handed in at the office, the pupil must hand it to the class teacher for safe-keeping and not keep it in their School bag.


5.2        Equipment


5.2.1     No pupil, with the exception of the trained Audi Visual Monitors, may carry audio-visual equipment.

5.2.2     No pupil may operate any audio-visual equipment unless instructed to do so by a teacher.


5.3        Ranks


5.3.1     All pupils must line up in an orderly fashion at their designated place immediately the first bell rings.

5.3.2     There should be no talking after the second bell has rung.

5.3.3     Any pupil who is not lined up with their class by the time that the second bell rings is considered to be late.


5.4        Lost property


5.4.1     All items of clothing or equipment found on the school property should be handed in to the secretary.


5.5        Personal appearance


5.5.1     Nails should be kept clean and short. (When looking at the underside of the fingertips, the nails may not be seen.)

5.5.2       No nail varnish (even clear) may be worn.

5.5.3       Girls’ Hair Styles:  Unless a girl’s hair style is short, the hair must be clipped back so that it does not obscure her face in any way. Her hair may not just be tucked behind her ears. Short haircuts may not contain undercuts. Longer hair should be tied immediately behind her head into one or two pony tails. Any loose hair must be clipped back. Hair clips may be silver or navy blue in colour. Ribbons (narrow), alice bands, elastics and scrunchies may only be navy blue in colour. Should the nature of her hair be such that it is unmanageable when long, then plain black braids may be attached if permission has been granted in writing.

5.5.4     Boys’ Hair Styles: A boy’s hair must be off his ears, collar and eyebrows. No steps or undercuts are permitted. The minimum length is a “Number 4” cut. If this cut is used, ALL the hair (fringe included) must be this length. Should the nature of a boy’s hair be such that it is unmanageable when long, then a shorter cut may be applied if permission has been granted in writing. Boys may not wear braids.

5.5.5     No hairstyle that attracts undue attention to itself is permitted. Under no circumstances may the normal hair colour be changed. Because hair must at all times appear natural, no gels, oils, sprays, etc. may be used. Hair may not be permed.

5.5.6     No make-up of any sort may be worn.


5.6        Movement on walkways


5.6.1     During change of class, pupils should walk in single file and keep to their left.

5.6.2     Talking, jostling or disruptive behaviour should never take place.

5.6.3     When waiting outside a classroom, pupils must stand quietly on either side of the walkway, leaving the centre free for others to pass through.

5.6.4     Pupils must keep to the walkway and not take short-cuts across the grass.

5.6.5     Pupils may not run in the walkways.


5.7        Uniform


5.7.1     All items are to be clearly marked with the initial and surname of the owner.

5.7.2     When wearing school uniform, the full dress code should be adhered to.

5.7.3     Uniforms should be kept in a good state of repair and be clean and neat.

5.7.4     School shoes should be polished regularly and laces of shoes and takkies must be tied at all times.

5.7.5     Shirts are to be properly tucked in at all times and not worn “blouson” style. The sports shirt may be worn “untucked”.

5.7.6     Girls’ skirts must at least touch the calf muscles when kneeling.

5.7.8     Short socks may not be worn rolled down towards the shoes; “secret socks” are not permitted at all.

5.7.9     The polar fleece top must be worn to school every day during the 2nd to 4th terms. The jersey may not be worn as an outer garment.

5.7.10   An explanatory note from home is required if there is any deviation from the above-mentioned uniform requirements.

5.7.11   The only type of school bag allowed is the official BRPS bag obtainable from the uniform supplier. No stickers may be affixed to the bags, nor may they be defaced.

5.7.12   Non-uniform items, including rain tops and windbreakers, may not be worn at school.

5.7.13   Trousers/shorts/skirts/skorts are to be worn in the waist and not around the hips. Trousers may not touch the ground when worn. Underclothes, eg boxers, may never be visible.



5.7.14   Only the official School tracksuit or plain navy blue tracksuit pants with the fleecy top may be worn for

additional warmth with the Phys. Ed. uniform on Phys. Ed. days.

5.7.15   Beanies (only for wearing to School on cold mornings) and scarves may only be plain navy blue in colour.

5.7.16   Civvies Day Dress Code: No bare midriffs, miniskirts or revealing tops are permitted. The normal hair, jewellery and make-up rules apply.


5.8        Jewellery



5.8.1     Only girls are permitted to wear one plain gold or silver stud earring in the lobe of each ear. (No other rings, earrings or studs are permitted.)

5.8.2     Only Medic Alert bracelets or necklaces may be worn.

5.8.3     Any bracelet worn for religious purposes and for which written permission has been granted may not be seen – it must be covered by a garment of regulation School uniform at all times.


5.9        Bicycles


5.9.1     All bicycles brought to school should be securely locked to the bicycle racks.

5.9.2     Bicycles may not be ridden on the school property during normal school and sports hours.


5.10      Attendance


5.10.1   It is the responsibility of a pupil to catch up any work that has been missed after any period of absence.

5.10.2   When returning to school after any period of absence, an explanatory note should be addressed to the teacher or a call made to the Receptionist, giving the reason for the absence.

5.10.3   If a pupil is absent on any day during the Examinations, a medical certificate will be required to avoid a penalty.


5.11      Physical boundaries


5.11.1   No pupil may leave the school grounds during school hours without the permission of the Headmaster.

5.11.2   No pupil may be in a classroom during breaks (except when it is raining) or after school unless a teacher is present.

5.11.3   The foyer of the administration block is out of bounds to all pupils unless they are on an errand, sent by a teacher or if they have been called to Reception.

5.11.4   When waiting to be collected after school, pupils must be inside the school gates.

5.11.5   The front door to the school foyer may not be used unless the pupil is accompanying a parent or visitor to the Reception desk.


5.12      Traffic


5.12.1   Pupils may only be transported into the school grounds when it is actually raining.

5.12.2   All traffic signs and markings are to be strictly adhered to.

5.12.3   Access to the school property is via the gates only.


5.13      Circulars / Returns


5.13.1   All letters to parents must be delivered on the same day and the reply slip (if applicable) signed and dated and returned to School on the next school day.


5.14      Contraband Items:


5.14.1   No chewing gum is allowed on school premises, or may be chewed in school uniform or at any school activity or function.

5.14.2   No pupil may bring the following items onto the school premises: drugs, cigarettes, contraceptives, pornographic material, weapons (including penknives), explosives (including fireworks), alcohol or any other illegal or contraband items in terms of the Safe Schools policy.



Code of Conduct – Unacceptable Behaviour and the Ignored Value

Minor, mostly unintentional behaviour where a Value has been ignored.

  1. Being in any “out of bounds” place without permission or supervision. Safety
  2. Eating or drinking in unauthorised places.   Responsibility
  3. Play fighting   Safety
  4. Playing contact sport or using a hard ball during “free” time.   Safety
  5. Ignoring or disobeying sportsmanship rules.   Sportsmanship
  6. Missing a sport practice without permission.   Commitment
  7. Breaking uniform, hair or jewellery rules.   Respect
  8. Breaking transport rules.   Safety
  9. Disobeying walkway or lining up rules.   Safety
  10. Cycling on school property during school or sport hours.   Safety
  11. Disruptive behaviour or constant talking in class. (This prevents others in the class from learning.)   Respect
  12. Arriving late for school activities.   Responsibility
  13. Homework not done.   Responsibility
  14. No absentee note.   Responsibility
  15. Books, P.E. clothes or work left at home.   Responsibility
  16. Not returning reply slips.   Responsibility
  17. Littering.   Respect
  18. Gross untidiness or sloppiness.   Respect
  19. Abuse of school property eg. books, equipment, furniture, buildings, etc.  Respect
  20. Writing or scribbling on someone’s body or clothing.   Respect
  21. Chewing gum.   Respect
  22. Unacceptable physical contact   Modesty
  23. Disruption caused by cellphones.   Respect


Mostly intentional and/or behaviour of choice where a Value has deliberately been ignored.

  1. 2.1          Using audio-visual equipment without permission.   Safety
  2. 2.2          Using bad language or blasphemy.   Respect
  3. 2.3          Display of temper resulting in others being affected.   Tolerance
  4. 2.4          Fighting, bullying, teasing, begging or picking on others.   Respect
  5. 2.5          Preventing teachers from doing their job.   Respect
  6. 2.6          Copying or permitting copying of work.   Honesty
  7. 2.7          Wilful destruction of property.   Respect
  8. 2.8          Saying rude, nasty or insulting things about others.   Tolerance
  9. 2.9          Meddling with other pupils’ possessions.   Respect
  10. 2.10        Dishonesty.   Honesty
  11. 2.11        Wilful disobedience which endangers self or others.   Safety
  12. 2.12        Failing to turn up for a match.   Commitment
  13. 2.13        Actions which can or have hurt others or damaged their property. Safety
  14. 2.14        Doing something which clearly undermines the good discipline of the School.    Commitment
  15. 2.15        Physical display of affection.    Modesty


Deliberate ignoring of a Value to perpetrate serious misconduct.

  1. 3.1          Cheating in tests or exams.   Honesty
  2. 3.2          Racist, degrading or crude remarks or behaviour.   Tolerance
  3. 3.3          Graffiti or writing obscenities.  Respect
  4. 3.4          Bunking class or leaving school without permission.   Safety
  5. 3.5          Truancy   Responsibility
  6. 3.6          Direct or indirect verbal sexual harassment.   Respect
  7. 3.7          Foul language, insolence, backchatting, defiance and blatant disobedience directed towards adults.   Respect
  8. 3.8          Gross defiance – constant ignoring of Values as in lists 1,2 and 3 after previous intervention.   Responsibility


Extremely serious misconduct resulting from the rejection of the Values of Blouberg Ridge Primary.

  1. 4.1          Stealing   Honesty
  2. 4.2          Forgery or fraud   Honesty
  3. 4.3          Possession or use of contraband items eg. drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, pornography, contraceptives, explosives, weapons, etc.   Safety
  4. 4.4          Vandalism/major destruction of property.   Respect
  5. 4.5          Physical sexual behaviour or harassment.   Respect
  6. 4.6          Any form of grossly improper behaviour which seriously damages the good name of the school.   Commitment
  7. 4.7     Physical assault   Safety


Unacceptable behaviour will initially be dealt with by the teacher who was in charge of the particular pupil at the time of the misbehaviour. The Behaviour Guidance Council (BGC) is required to hear cases of serious misconduct which could possibly result in a Governing Body hearing. In order for the various structures to be able to function effectively, the following protocol should be observed.