Blouberg Ridge Primary School

Historical Overview

The School derives its name from the ridge that runs parallel to the Blouberg Coastline at the base of which it is situated.

The School is a State-Aided school under the jurisdiction of the Western Cape Education Department

The School opened its doors to Grades 1-3 in January 1990. In January 1991, Grades 4-7 were added. The School has seen sustained and substantial growth since then.

The School is situated in Wessels Road, Bloubergrant. The campus consists of buildings owned by the state as well as a few privately owned buildings which the school rents from the Blouberg Ridge Primary Trust.

The badge, motto and school colours:
The Badge features Table Mountain and the Sea, characterising the world-famous view across the bay from Blouberg. “Labore Vinces” means “By Toil (work, effort) We Overcome (succeed)”. Navy Blue, Light Blue and Yellow make up the colours of the badge.