Welcome to Blouberg Ridge Primary School. My name is Wayne Dowrie and I have the honour of serving as the current headmaster of the school along with my deputies, Johann van Vuuren and Marge Mckechnie.

Blouberg Ridge was officially opened by Dr. S. W. Walters, the director of education of the Cape Province on 21 September 1990. Since then, the school has grown in leaps and bounds and we now have more than a thousand pupils.

Blouberg Ridge is co-ed, English medium school with five classes in each grade. We maintain a very high standard of education which is evident in our yearly systemic results.

At Blouberg Ridge, also known as The Ridge, we always strive to excel, both academically and on the sports field. We embrace diversity, encourage innovation, such as robotics and coding and promote mutual respect. Our approach to education is holistic and inclusive.

Our teachers, carefully selected and appointed by our Governing Body, are highly qualified, experienced, dedicated, energetic and passionate about teaching. They provide a safe and nurturing environment for the learners which encourages both educational and personal growth. Our teachers facilitate learning using technology and research to achieve the best possible results.

Our extra-mural programme is extensive, offering a winter and summer programme for the pupils. Here at The Ridge we offer athletics, netball, tennis, rugby, soccer, cricket, hockey, softball, badminton, cross country, choir, chess, drama, art, cheer squad, computers, coding and robotics.

Our children develop a strong sense of community as we encourage donations to many charities in the area. Pupils are also guided and encouraged by the values that we discuss at assemblies. When you walk around the school you can see beautiful monthly displays of the values we hold so dear:

Fund raisers such as the Dance-a-thon, Kaskar day, Cake Sales and The Carnival are a source of joy for the pupils.

Our Tuck Shop ladies support sporting events and offer delicious meals which parents can order using the Karri app. We are ever grateful for our admin ladies and cleaning staff for everything they do.

We would like to thank our Blouberg Ridge family for their continued support. 

who we are


The School derives its name from the ridge that runs parallel to the Blouberg coastline at the base of which it is situated.



We opened our doors to Grades 1 – 3 in January 1990.  in January 1991, Grades 4 – 7 were added.  The School has seen sustained and substantial growth since then.



The Ridge is situated in Wessels Road, Bloubergrant.  The campus consists of buildings owned by the state as well as a few privately owned buildings which the school rents from the Blouberg Ridge Primary Trust.


Our Badge features Table Mountain and the sea, characterising the world-famous view across the bay from Blouberg.

“Labore Vinces” means “By Toil (work, effort) We Overcome (succeed)

Navy Blue, Light Blue and Yellow make up the colours of the badge