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Cricket is offered during the summer sport season.  We have teams ranging from U8 - U13. Outside coaches and teachers assist with practice and matches. There are various festivals that we take part in. We look forward to including possible girls’ teams in the near future.


Athletics is an inclusive sport at our school. All pupils are encouraged to participate. Should a pupil excel, she is given opportunity of competing at regional and district level.

The highlight of the year is the Inter-House Athletics day when the four houses, Pelican, Albatross, Flamingo and Sandpiper, compete against each other. Every child is encouraged to take part in the events as participation, rather than achievement, is what the day is all about. War cries fill the air as the races are run and as the winning teams receive the Inter-House and spirit Trophies and the Victor and Victrix Ludorum are announced.


Soccer is one of our school’s favourite sports.  It is keenly played by many of our boys and girls. We have teams ranging from under 10’s to under 13’s with a good attendance for each age group. Our school strongly encourages sportsmanship and enjoyment of the game.

The Grade 2 and 3 boys and girls (the U8 and U9 age group) are offered mini-soccer. They have the opportunity to practice mini-soccer skills and play in short matches against other schools in the area. A mini-soccer team consists of seven players and one reserve. They follow very basic rules with the emphasis being on enjoyment and participation in a team sport.


Netball is a competitive sport offered to girls from Grades 2 – 7. We encourage the girls to participate in this sport so that they can learn to play in the correct manner, enjoy the game and make friends. Girls practice once a week and one day a week is set aside for matches. We are fortunate enough to have up to 6 courts on our premises. Should a pupil excel, he or she is given opportunity of competing at regional and district level. Some of our athletes have progressed as far as provincial level.



Grade 1 sport skills will happen in the first and second term.  The children get an opportunity to be exposed to each sport offered here at The Ridge.  In term 3 they are allowed to choose the summer / winter sport that they enjoy the most and continue with this choice for the remainder of the year. With the help of our dedicated external coaches, we use this time to focus on skills needed for each sport code.


Tennis is offered during the Summer sport season. We have excellent facilities with four well maintained courts and tennis wall. All ages and levels of playing are catered for. Our practices take place throughout the week, including matches. Our team players receive professional coaching from Atlantic Tennis Academy.

Additional professional tennis coaching is also available to pupils in Grade 1-7 in a private capacity at Atlantic Tennis Academy (ATA) in Table View.


Blouberg Ridge Primary

Softball is a summer sport offered to all girls from grades two to seven. This game gives them the opportunity of learning good ball skills and competing against other schools. Sportsmanship and team spirit are fostered through learning to support and encourage one another. All grade 2 – 7 girls are encouraged to be involved in the excitement of this team sport.


Girls’ and boys’ hockey is offered from U8- U13. Matches are played every week at the participating schools’ fields. We also get the opportunity to use Table View High School’s astro-turf to enhance our players’ abilities. Skills training takes place every week for all age groups.


Rugby has grown in popularity.  U8-U13 teams have practice after school, and participate in matches during the week as well as sports days offered at various schools.  Our teams benefit greatly from our professional coaches as well as teachers.


Badminton is a developing sport offered for our U10 - U13 children.  We do not yet play competitively, however children enjoy the ability to learn a sport that is not widely offered.



Blouberg Ridge Primary

Learners experience the joy of teamwork by being part of the Marimba Band. Learners from Grade 3 -7 may audition. Practices take place after school, where co-ordination, concentration and awesome music combine to create this unique Marimba Band. Performances include school events, community events and Eisteddfods.


Blouberg Ridge Primary

Children from Grade 4 - 7 have an opportunity to play chess both socially and competitively.  Our chess team has made it through to the school's semi-finals for the last 2 years.


The exciting world of choir. We offer both Junior ( Grade 2 & 3 ) and Senior ( Grade 4-7) choir. The elite Grade 7 choir is a new addition to the music department. Practices are scheduled before or after school. Choirs perform at various festivals, school functions, pop - up shows, community events as well as Eisteddfods throughout the year.


Pupils from the Intermediate Senior Phase, with a creative flair, will thoroughly enjoy the textiles club.  Creations are made with various sewing elements.  The club meets twice a week after school. We like to gift our items to our community.


Art Club is offered by invitation to certain grade 2 – 7 learners who display exceptional talent for art. During these lessons, learners will receive individual attention to develop their natural talents and introduce them to new skills and art forms. The termly fee will cover all equipment and eisteddfod / competition fees.


Grade 4 – 7 drama is perfect for the introvert and the extrovert. It gives pupils the opportunity to build confidence, explorer poetry and plays, improve their dictation as well as their ability to project their voices in a fun-filled atmosphere. Pupils participate in eisteddfods and plays.


Blouberg Ridge Primary

Girls from Grade 4 - 7 may join the cheer squad. This exciting new addition to our extra-mural programme is very popular. We regularly attend workshops that help to upskill our girls. Practices take place after school.  The cheer squad have opportunity to perform at sports events that the school hosts.


In addition to class visits and break time opportunities, the library is open after school on designated days for children to exchange their library books.  
Brand new library books are added to our library collection throughout the year via our Birthday Book Sponsorship system. Children personally select the brand new book they would like to read, and their sponsorship is acknowledged with their name placed inside the book.  This system allows our library to grow annually, and gives our pupils the opportunity to be exposed to new and exciting reading material.



The school offers music lessons (Piano, vocals and recorder) to learners throughout the year. Lessons take place during school and at a separate cost. Learners may choose individual, paired or group lessons. Learners perform at school functions, pop up events and Eisteddfods.


Drumming is a new addition to the music department. It takes place after school in a private capacity. This is subject to private fees.


Robokids offer private Robotics as an extra-mural for Grade 1 - 7.  Lessons take place after school. They enjoy taking part in competitions where they can show off their newly acquired skills.


Rugga Roots will be joining our dynamic team from 2024. We look forward to helping our Grade 1 – 3 learners further develop their Rugby, Netball and Cricket skills.